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What Now

What Now turns 40! Celebrating LIVE from the What Now studio with an abundance of fun and games, plus antics with guests and GUNGE!
We also get out and about with What Now's Gunge Runner, putting more kids and their families on screen, reflecting the diversity of Aotearoa by showcasing our towns, characters and tamariki.
Sunday mornings from 8-10 AM on TVNZ2.

Adam Percival

Adam Percival

Producer 'What Now'  Full bio

WEB BANNER brainbusters


The everyday quiz for everyday kids
Weekdays on TVNZ 2

Darwin Newts WB 2020 001

Darwin and Newts

Darwin and Newts are brother and sister. Through their fantastic outdoor adventures they experiment, explore and discover, how things work in their world. Our animated show has been developed using extensive research with both preschoolers and their parents. An early learning science animation, includes problem solving with Darwin’s trial and error "LETS SCIENCE IT" and Newts' fun and funny inventions with "I’M ON IT", all within an 11 minute adventure.

Emma Gribble

Emma Gribble

Producer 'Darwin & Newts'  Full bio