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What Now is all about improving health and fitness in Kiwi Kids in 2017. There’s new a What Now Fit Club where kids can register and log their steps everyday with a combined goal of walking 2 BILLIOIN STEPS before the final episode! Rewards will be sent out for reaching weekly targets and kids will be shown cool exercises they can do at home and with their friends to improve their wellbeing, get them energized and loving life! Sports stars, coaches and fitness gurus will be a regular feature on the show, as well nutritionists and heaps of other cool guests, musical, dancers and TV personalities too. What Now will also be introducing a group of kid creators and makers from around the country, covering everything from gaming to science experiments, film making to coding, cooking to weekly round ups. Prepare yourself for an action packed year of fun, laughter, games, mess and getting fit!

Morgan Williams

Morgan Williams

Producer 'What Now'  Full bio


The Adam & Eve Show

Adam Percival & Eve Palmer interview the biggest international stars, go head to head in crazy challenges, deliver crack-up sketches and parodies, and bring you their quirky take on news as it breaks.

Reuben Davidson

Reuben Davidson

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